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J-League Live 64 FIFA 64 Jikkyō J.League Perfect Striker
Thumbnail of startscreen_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of startscreen_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of startscreen_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of menu_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of menu_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of menu_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of options_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of options_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of options_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of selectteam_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of selectteam_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of selectteam_njpj-jpn.jpg
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    Thumbnail of selectstadium_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of selectside_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of selectside_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of selectside_njpj-jpn.jpg
    Thumbnail of selectready_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of ingame_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of ingame_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of ingame_njpj-jpn.jpg
Thumbnail of pause_njlj-jpn.jpg Thumbnail of pause_n7ip-eur.jpg Thumbnail of pause_njpj-jpn.jpg